Module 1

Module 1: Systematic overview of international scientific evidence on the health of migrant and minority nurses

International studies show that nurses are exposed to various substantial stressors and strains at their workplace, such as back problems, uneven sleep rhythms due to shift work, stress and feelings of overwork due to constant work compression [1-4]. Migrant nurses also experience additional burdens at their workplace like discrimination, verbal assaults by patients and colleagues, limited access to advanced training opportunities and low career progression chances. These can have a lasting negative impact on their psychosocial health [5-8].
So far, there is no systematic review of the current scientific evidence on the health of migrant and minority nurses.

Research question
What do we know about the health of migrant and minority nurses?

Based on a systematic review, international studies describing the physical and mental health of nurses who have migrated themselves or belong to an ethnic minority are included. The search will be conducted in different scientific databases in German and English language.


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