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On the following pages, you will learn more about the research project “Cross-cultural opening in outpatient care”. It was started in January 2016 in the Research Group on Migration and Psychosocial Health (MiPH), at the Institute and Polyclinic for Medical Psychology at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. The project will run for three years.

The research project has two general objectives:

  1. An organizational analysis of homecare providers in Hamburg in the context of cross-cultural opening
  2. Identification and quantification of the work and health situation of nurses with and without a migration background 1

This research project is divided into 5 subprojects (modules):

Module 1:
Health situation of migrant and minority nurses
Module 2:
Psychosocial and health-related burdens on nurses with and without a migration background
Module 3:
Psychosocial and health-related burdens of live-in caregivers
Module 4:
Survey of homecare providers on the state of cross-cultural opening
Module 5:
Extent of workplace-related psychosocial and health-related burdens on nurses with and without a migration background

One of the guiding principles of the research project is “Doing research with people, not on people” which is why we work directly with experts from the nursing care sector. In addition, a project advisory board with decision-makers from the nursing sector is also supporting us.

This research project was approved by the Ethics Commission of the Hamburg Medical Association and meets the ethical and context-related legal requirements (application PV5440).

The study represents a move towards identifying and quantifying stressors as well as resources of nurses with immigrant background in the workplace.

1 A person has a migration background if he or at least one parent was not born with German citizenship. In detail, this definition includes immigrant and non-immigrant foreigners, immigrant and non-immigrant naturalized, (late) ethnic German immigrants and (late) ethnic German-born descendants of these groups”. Federal Statistical Office (2017)


[1] Statistisches Bundesamt: Fachserie 1, Reihe 2.2 Bevölkerung und Erwerbstätigkeit, Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund, Wiesbaden 2013, Textteil: Methodische Bemerkungen mit Übersicht über die Ergebnisse.